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Choosing a Speech Therapist

Choosing the right speech pathologist is one of the first and most important decisions you will make. Many factors may influence your decision. Consider the following factors when determining therapist fit.


Is the clinician licensed in your state and do they hold a certification of clinical competence?


Has the clinician worked with similar clients, and do they demonstrate a commitment to using evidence-based treatment methods based on research.


Does your child or loved one respond to the clinician and seem comfortable interacting? Is everyone having fun?


Does the clinician recognize that the parent or caregiver is the best intervention partner? Do they respect and include parents in discovery and decision making? Do they follow a team-based approach with others who provide support and services to your child or loved one?


Can they be available at the most effective times, whether you need a premium after school spot, or an early morning session for an adult or younger child?


Does the therapist have a convenient location that pleasant, enjoyable and conducive to treatment, and easy to get to? Will they treat at home or after school locations, or via tele-practice if you prefer it?